20 years SAP consultant, 12 years as a freelancer

Hi, my name is Tom. So far, I have had 20 years of fascinating SAP consulting experience. The first 8 years as an employee of consulting company Delaware Consulting, the last 12 years as a freelancer.

Especially in the following 3 roles I have had lots of fun:

  • SAP Project manager

  • SAP Implementation expert in the logistics modules PP, MM & SD

  • SAP Master data specialist

For more information about my thriving SAP consulting activity, you can take a look at my website www.excellencio.be

Huge barrier to take, but one of the best decisions I ever made

12 years ago, it wasn’t at all obvious to me to become an independent SAP consultant, because I don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs and I am naturally very risk averse.
However, I did my homework thoroughly, gathered all my guts and still decided to become an independent SAP consultant.
Major reasoning that helped me at that time:

  • actually there is little to lose (but there is much to gain)

  • becoming independent is not a one-way dead end, worst case scenario you can always go back to being an employee

  • I wanted to avoid having that gnawing feeling of wondering for the rest of my life” what if I had tried it anyway?

It was a very big barrier for me to take, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.
I have been successfully working as a freelance SAP consultant for 12 years now. I worked non-stop on exciting assignments, I enjoy my freedom enormously and the financial reward is amazing.
I would like to help by passing on my knowledge to you, which is why I founded Highway2Freelance.

I strongly invested in myself

In recent years, I have strongly invested in myself to be even more successful and happier:

  • Financial Freedom Intensive – Open Circles Academy

  • Master Entrepreneur – Open Circles Academy

  • Breakthrough to Success – Open Circles Academy

  • Master In Results – Carl Van de Velde Institute

  • Business & Life coaching – Signature 4 Succes

I am happy to pass on this valuable knowledge to you.

Yep, that’s me

I am well-known for my no-nonsense approach, always being focused on results.
I persist with passion until my mission is fully accomplished.
Delivering consistently what needs to be delivered, is what customers appreciate in my SAP consulting activity.
And I keep doing so in my coaching activity to guide starting freelance IT consultants.