Get a reliable idea of your new salary as a freelance IT consultant

This salary simulator gives you a reliable idea of what your financial compensation would be as a freelance IT consultant.

This is no guesswork, but it starts with my own actual costs and income.

Before diving into this simulator, I would like to emphasize that the reliability of this simulator is based on following elements:

  • for the first 9 years as a freelance IT consultant, I did my own payroll administration instead of outsourcing this;
  • in those 9 years, I also did the accountancy of my company all by myself;
  • moreover, I had this bookkeeping thoroughly reviewed by an experienced accountant every year.

That is why I am convinced that I am well placed to give you a reliable simulation of what your financial compensation would look like as a freelance IT consultant.

This salary simulator is an Excel spreadsheet with 3 tabs.

On the first tab of this simulator – “Input” – you can adjust the calculation to your own personal situation:

  • choose how many working days per week you will work as an independent IT consultant

  • choose how many days of leave you will take each year

  • choose which profile you are and how many years of relevant experience you have in your field of expertise

  • choose which monthly gross salary you assign to yourself as manager of your business

  • choose the catalog value, type of engine and the CO2 emission of your (new) company car

On the second tab of this simulator – “Financial statements company” – the financial statements are automatically made for your company of which you are the manager and shareholder.

On the third tab of this simulator – “Personal compensation” – you will find 3 automatically calculated sections:

  • section “New net personal remuneration as being self-employed”: the sum of monthly remuneration to manager and annual dividend to shareholder
  • section “Current net personal remuneration as being an employee”
  • section “Extra net salary as being self-employed versus being an employee”: the difference.

The following video briefly explains how to correctly use this salary simulator for freelance IT consultants.

Download the Salary Simulator for Freelance IT consultants for free

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