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Becoming a successful freelance IT consultant

Highway2Freelance is a unique coaching program in Belgium, that transforms IT consultant employees into successful freelance IT consultants.

Becoming a freelance IT consultant

Tom Serroels has been working successfully as a freelance IT consultant for 12 years now. He has continuously worked on exciting assignments, he really enjoys his freedom and the financial reward is amazing.
He would love to help you out by passing on his knowledge to you. This is why he founded Highway2Freelance.

The Highway2Freelance coaching trajectory contains all the knowledge and skills that he has developed over the past 12 years to be a successful freelance IT consultant.
This coaching program is based on concrete step-by-step plans and proven strategies. Together we will prepare you in a fast and pleasant way to also be successful as a freelance IT consultant.

You too can enjoy in the short time more freedom, more satisfaction and a higher income.

What will be covered during this info session?

In this Highway2Freelance info session, Tom would like to give you loads more information about the Live Bootcamp and the Flagship Coaching program:

  • through which approach does he pass on his knowledge to you:

    • how many group sessions are we going to have
    • how many hours will you get 1-on-1 coaching
    • not only will I pass on knowledge to you, but we also put things together effectively and work on your business
    • in what form will you get all knowledge and strategies
  • Which modules will be discussed in order to make you a successful freelance IT consultant

  • What is the cost to get this bootcamp and amazing coaching (for only a fraction of what it will yield to you)

  • moreover, you will get to know Tom a little bit better as a coach during this info session

Who is this info session meant for?

A Highway2Freelance info session is guaranteed to be interesting for you

  • when you are not completely sure whether becoming a freelance IT consultant is something you want to do

  • when you are already convinced that you want to become a freelance IT consultant

  • even if you are already a freelance IT consultant, but you feel that you have not yet reached your full potential

It is imperative that you have several years of experience (as a consultant, as an employee) in your field of expertise – such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft,…: I will not teach you your field of expertise, but I will teach you the success formulas how to work as a freelance IT consultant

Moreover, you are willing to invest time in your own growth and you are willing to take action.



  • You can easily attend to this webinar from anywhere on your own computer or tablet.
    Other participants cannot see you.
    Tom presents the full webinar live.
    You can ask questions through private chat.


  • Monday, 5th October 2020

  • 8 pm – 10 pm


Obviously this info session is totally free and with no strings attached.

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