You don’t feel good in your current work situation

Do you have a thorough knowledge in your field of expertise, but do you feel that you are not completely happy working as an employee?
Are you also increasingly bothered by the following things?

1. You have obligations that you don’t support and you lack the sense of freedom:
– too many responsibilities and parallel assignments are imposed on you by your employer
– daily, endless traffic jams due to a distant work location
– when choosing your company car, your employer imposes a limited budget and multiple restrictions
– you have to invest time in corporate processes that don’t seem to make sense to you (such as an evaluation process)
– the training programs you would like to take part of in order to develop yourself, are not included in the predefined list and are out of the limited budget

2. You don’t get enough satisfaction from your work and boredom strikes:
– you would like to perform new tasks or work in a different domain, but your employer keeps you locked up in that same old box
– you are asked too often to perform tasks in domains that you no longer want to be involved in

3. Your salary is ok, but you realize that it could and should actually be a lot better:
– you want to continue working hard, but you want to be rewarded accordingly
– you want to work fewer hours, while retaining your current financial compensation
– the small difference in pay between you as a high-performer and mid-range employees, frustrates you

From Monday till Friday you spend more time at your workplace than with your family, relatives, loved ones, friends, … Isn’t it logical that you want to feel a lot happier in that place? But you are not sure how to turn this situation around.

You in charge as a freelance IT consultant

How would it feel for you if you could work on a daily basis with more freedom, more satisfaction and obtain a higher income?
In your new role as a freelance IT consultant, you are in charge and your work situation is a lot more pleasant:

1. You have the freedom to make your own choices:
– you choose yourself your next assignment from a wide range, based on your own selection criteria. You choose an assignment with a more interesting range of tasks, more satisfaction, less traffic jams, …
– you choose yourself your next training so you can develop yourself in the direction you have in mind
– you choose yourself the company car that suits you completely; you are not accountable in terms of budget, brand, model, options,…
– you choose yourself the number of leave days according to the flow or your own needs. No more countdowns with the number of days left

2. You get a lot more satisfaction from your work:
– after all, you choose those assignments that feel most interesting to you

3. Better daily financial compensation puts you in a luxury position:
– or you work just as hard, with a much higher financial reward
– or you work fewer hours and have more time for yourself, your partner, your family – while retaining your current financial compensation

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! This has been my reality for 11 years now. You too deserve this fantastic way of working and living.

Complete strategies during the Bootcamp to transform into a successful freelance IT consultant

It is quite possible that the step to Freelance IT consulting is a difficult step to take for you. It might even seem impossible. At least, this is how I felt 11 years ago!

Because you too deserve this lifestyle, I would be happy to assist you in making this transition.
The Highway2Freelance Bootcamp contains all the knowledge and skills that I have developed over the past 11 years, to become a successful independent IT consultant.
This 3-day live bootcamp consists of the following 4 modules:

Operational organization
Make yourself visible
Generate leads and get contracts
Mindset and success factors

The Live Bootcamp takes place at the Highway2Freelance office: Olmenlaan 14, B-9870 Zulte, Belgium.

Bootcamp … What’s in it for you?

  • You use concrete step-by-step plans and strategies that have already proven to be successful

  • You gain insights and techniques in how to put yourself out there in the market

  • You learn how to sell yourself with confidence

  • I set you free from excuses that keep you trapped in your comfort zone

  • I teach you how to organize yourself in the field of legal personality, all kinds of insurance, tax and accounting, administration, contracts with customers, …

  • You learn how to determine your daily rate

  • You gain insight in strategies that make numerous opportunities flow to you instead of you having to look for an opportunity yourself

  • Your coach is an expert in his profession and is strong in transferring knowledge

Becoming a freelance IT consultant

This Bootcamp prepares you in a pleasant, fast and effective way to become a successful Freelance IT consultant. Unique in Belgium and the Netherlands. Check it out.

Are you taking the plunge?

Have faith and jump! Look back at this moment as one of the best decisions you ever made. Just like I do. Avoid that nagging feeling of “what if … ?” This is your chance! Grab it with both hands.

The Highway2Freelance Bootcamp is guaranteed to be interesting for you

  • if you want to enjoy more freedom, more satisfaction and a higher income

  • if you already have several years of experience (as a consultant, as an employee) in your field of expertise – such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft,…: I will not teach you your field of expertise, but I will teach you the success formulas how to work as a freelance IT consultant

  • if you are willing to invest time in your own growth and are willing to take action

Take a minute to evaluate for yourself
– how you feel about your current work situation?
– how you feel about the idea of becoming an independent IT consultant?

You will find out quickly by taking this work-happiness-test.


Do you want to get a reliable idea of what your new salary will look like if you choose to work as a freelance IT consultant?
You will soon find out by taking this freelance-salary-simulator.